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Specialist HIBON liquid ring pumps and with his experience for over 30 years in the field of repair, ERTP is able to maintain and repair all brands pump liquid ring in a very short time.


Inspection and maintenance of our pumping installationsde :

  • Checking the security organs and accessories
  • Replacing consumable items
  • Diagnostic operation

The repair

Pump disassembly for cleaning expertise in restoration work :

  • Repair of defective parts
  • Bearing changes
  • Changes seals
  • Setting machines with the original games.


24/24 assistance, remote diagnostics, standard replacement, warranty

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18 August 2015

Acquisition of new T.V.

ERTP HIBON recently acquired a digitally controlled vertical tower to complement its machine fleet and improve productivity. This acquisition was accompanied by the hiring of a qualified turner and totally dedicated to this machine.

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